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   Mental Performance  Training

Run Faster- Play Harder, Think Better

You already trained your body now it’s time for you to train your mind. Get in the ZONE

Let Pattie help you reach your fullest Potential with Mental Peformance Skills Training. Pattie is known as the TOP  Mental Trainer for all Athletes.

There is no need for steroids. Your mind can give you all that is needed. By training your mind to work together with your actions as a team. By the Power of visualization skills and Sports Hypnosis you can change your life and get the edge needed to perform beyond your potential.

As an athlete, you know the power of positive self-talk. Also the power of recall and your imagination. if the human mind is capable of imagining something, it's capable of making it happen. So Just imagine . . Your mind doesn't know the difference bewteen reality and make believe so start believing bigger and better and llive it and become stronger physically and mentally.

  • Imagine finding the energy to push yourself to new levels of performance.  
  • Imagine training harder than you've ever trained before.  
  • Imagine finding yourself effortlessly breaking the performance plateaus that you've been struggling to conquer and then ascending to new heights.  
  • Imagine staying cool and calm under pressure as the timer runs down.  
  • Imagine scoring the goal . .making the shot . . . bounding past the finish line . finding and overcoming new challenges.  
  • Imagine discovering the resources you need within yourself to excel at your sport.  

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I believe that the difference between good athletes and great ones is that little edge mentally. When an athlete is Confident in his abilities, he can do just about anything that he puts his mind to. It's like having a mind coach in your pocket at all times. You can feel and see the difference in practice and at game time.

All athletes train hard. But less than 1% know how to apply the techniques. Just by teaching your mind to reach higher plateaus then ever before. Setting your standards higher and achieve your goals.

Athletes Be Warned.....Now you can see yourself beyond your potential...

  • Enhance your concentration and focus.  
  • Work and play with greater intensity.  
  • Build your confidence.  
  • Remain poised in the most competitive situations.  
  • Replace doubt with optimism.  
  • Reduce anxiety and stress.  
  • Achieve peak performance  

Now, you can acquire these same techniques, and reap the benefits of unconscious peak-performance training,

Take part in gaining success in your performance level by using the tools needed just by using your mind and gaining a mental advantage. Pattie can help you get in the zone and keep you there.

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Pattie Freeman BCHT, CI, MST