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Performance Anxiety

Performance Anxiety or  Stress along with nervousness is a major issue with athletes. Normally, they are unsure what to do with those symptoms and others are not aware of what it means so they don't act on it until it's too late.

Performance Anxiety can lead into depression due to athletes that have suffer injuries and even a bad game. All athletes carry a pressured lifestyle and many have no idea of how his contributes to the Panic and Anxiety attacks. Some suffer these symptoms rarely and some have a reoccurrance more then they like to.

Pattie Freeman has helped many athletes overcome these feelings of depression, panic and anxiety. Hypnosis can give the athlete back his mental power to take the control to a whole new level.

If you are a member of a team or just a solo player you just need to make the change in your life. Lifestyle that is done over and over the same way is a routine and habit and in order to break it the athlete needs to make a positive  change in their life. Confidence is needed to bring a athlete to reach their goals and become unstoppable in their field. Anxiety leads to anger which can cause a difficult time on the field/court. Taking control and regaining the calm attitude in order to move forward and feeling free of any mental obstacles in your mind.

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