Pattie Freeman BCHT, MST, CI




Book Pattie Freeman-Speaker

Book Pattie Freeman a Certified Instructor, Hypnotherapist and Mental Sports Consultant for your Team or Athlete that is need of help for enhancement.

Pattie has worked with athletes in all fields and has seen great results on and off the field. Let her help and consult with the coaches, players and parents. Get the most out of your sport and gain the knowledge that can give you "The Edge" in your sport. Take Advantage of Pattie's expertise in Mental Performance Training.

Stress and Performance Anxiety is just a small part of the athletes profile. Get the facts and start to make a difference in getting that scholarship- championship or removing the mental obstacles in your athlete's lifestyle.

Call Pattie and confirm a date to start your team on their road of Mental Training with the Best.

Pattie's is one of the consults for the New USA Show "Necessary Roughness" Her Athletic Mental Programs are positive and effective for all types of athletes from high school to professional.

Pattie can arrange to work with your team on site or with individual athletes.

Now Release----THE EDGE----

The Edge can be purchased at her office or online and you can find it at your local bookstore. Sports Illustrated wrote about the Edge. Just like Basketball Player Doug McDernitt talks about using Hypnosis before the game.

Pattie will sign your copy if sent under a seperate cover or dropped at her office.