Pattie Freeman BCHT, MST, CI




Bowling The Mental State- Strike it!

Bowl with confidence and ease with hypnosis. Approach your game plan with focus and allowing yourself to bowl that game you always wanted or have already done in the past.

No matter if you bowl as a pro or just for fun.  Sports Hypnosis can be used to help you become a focused and confident bowler.

Whether you need to pick up your spares and stay calm with a positive attitude. Maybe you need to brush off the pressure when it's all up to you to pick up the pins.

  • No matter where you bowl- 
  • what lane your on- 
  • what ball your using- 
  • How long you been bowling- 

it's all up to you and you mental state to get that strike.

  • Set your goals- 
  • See your vision- 
  • See the win- 

Let your mind take you to your highest level of success in your bowling experience.