Pattie Freeman BCHT, MST, CI





A lack of confidence might stop you from achieving your goals or making right decisions. Performance might lack and decisions might be hard to make. This will then lead you towards some bad choices. Certain situations can cause you to become overly self-critical this can cause distractions this can have you not performing at a high level you normally expect.

Athletes who are self confident are able to trust their own performance abilities, self-confident athletes can do what they feel is right and do not feel the need for the approval of others. They also inspire confidence: to other athletes and team members.

Improving confidence requires that you start taking risks and giving yourself credit for your achievements. This is very basic advice that will help you develop self confidence. Many people have confidence issues or are only able to gain self confidence in one or some areas of their lives because they constantly seek other people’s approval and are afraid of failing. However improving self confidence can now easily and effectively be achieved through sports hypnosis

Confidence hypnosis has been used for several decades and has shown significant results in building self confidence. In a hypnotized state, accessing unconscious thoughts is much easier and, through hypnotic suggestion, you will be able to replace your negative thoughts patterns with positive ones to boost self confidence.

Set up a appointment and see the difference with Hypnosis. Let it help you gain what you are missing in your life.Self-Esteem and Confidence can be yours with the right tools you can use to make the changes in your life.