Pattie Freeman BCHT, MST, CI




Football Mental Skills Training

Mental Skills Training for Football is acheiving speed and overcoming obstacles. Football is a team sport but, each athlete nededs to keep their confidence and focus in the moment. Improving yoiur speed and the ability to think fast on your feet can provide you and the team to be the incredible player that you are.

Football is a sport that needs the athlete to eract fast and be fast. Each play is practiced and is clearly a thoughtout process accoding to the play book.  But, When the player is on the field the play book sometimes is a guide and he has to think fast to make their big play.  Being in the moment and feeling confident  is what happens to athletes that get in the zone automatically their subconscious mind reacts to the situation of fight or flight.

The power of your thoughts and actions happen without you thinking and the recall of how you practiced will reflect in your game.

Close your eyes, relax and visulaize playing football. Now your not going to sleep. Your going to visualize one of your games. Experience football as if you were playing it as a reality. It’s all in your subconscious mind. Now you can play football while you sleep in hypnosis. Now you can have the opportunity to work as a team or private session with Sports "GURU"   Pattie Freeman BCHT and a Mental Performance  Trainer in Sports Hypnosis.

Hypnosis for football combines what it is that you need to do both on the field, in the gym and also in your own mind! It is a comprehensive approach to bring out your best each and every time you take the field or hit the gym. Lose the stress, build the body, improve the mind and be the very best football player. Know your plays, build your body and synchronize your body with your subconscious mind for intuitive play and a more purposeful practice. When you do this in hypnosis as visualization techniques then everythings comes together on the field.

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