Pattie Freeman BCHT, MST, CI




Golf Mental Training

Someone told me of a story about  Jack Nicklaus' reaction to a missed putt. A fan, said to Jack right after he missed a short putt, "Sorry you missed that one, Jack." Jack's response was: "I didn't miss the putt. It just didn't go in."

Jack had a positive way of looking at his game. He hit the line and speed he wanted, so in his mind everything was fine. His mental approach by letting go allowed him to move on without dwelling on it like many of us do after missing a short putt. He prevented the miss shot from affecting his confidence on future putts. He just let go and moved on.

Getting frustrated can only contribute to your lack of performance and it just brings more negativity to your game this also effects your focus and Confidence level..

Remember the words and thoughts you use can effect your game. Staying positive and having fun is what makes most golfers successful.

Golf Mental Training is re-programming the mind to become positive of a situation and to let go.

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