Pattie Freeman BCHT, MST, CI




He Shoots - He Scores!

Hockey what a physical and mental game this sport is. No one can say the players are not physically fit and dedicated. They are but maybe at times their mind needs a tune up for focus and concetration.

Mental Performance Skills Training is just that giving the athlete the power to be more aggressive and assertive but also use this to benefit him and the team and come out a winner each and every time.

Every Hockey player I work with they find their inner energy and a push to reach their specific goals for that game. They are deep thinkers and they know how to use this to their advantage.

Hockey is not an easy sport, It may look that way to a fan but it takes alot of physical strength and conditioning of the body so why not do the same for the mind and have the total package. Body and Mind getting the best results and feeling the positive each and every time your skate touches the ice.

Self Talk- Positive Thoughts- Visualization and Preparing the end result of the game in your mind. Relaxation- No Distractions- Set Goals and then Just DO IT and play the game to your highest potential and more. This is all about what Mental Performance Skills Trainings is all about You and your Performance.

I am a Mental Performance Skills Trainer and work with teams and individuals. The most rewarding moments is when the athlete sees the confidence they have in each play and this leads to a stronger winning team.

If you are wanting to see what is all about just Mental Performance Skills Training feel free to call or write me to set up a free consultation.