Pattie Freeman BCHT, MST, CI




 Athletic Maintenance Care for the Mind-

Did you ever hear people say "It's all in the mind" well it's true. It is a fact that athletes need to build their body to improve and enhance their sport. Sometimes they forget the main part of this their MIND.

Clients that I work with usually keep a vigorous workour physically and once they see their mind is just as important they do maintain their mental ability to stay strong on all levels.

This Maintenance Care Program is for them...Everyone that has been through my Sports Mental Training Program knows consistency is the key.

NEW Program allows for them to keep up and stay strong in the mind with thoughts, suggestions and keeping focus even on the off season.

The program is personalized includes one session/download for that month for your sport. All I need from you is a commitment that you will be consistent and not just play the download but do the session as scheduled so you can overcome any unexpected issues that arise.

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