Pattie Freeman BCHT, MST, CI




Olympic Athletes

The Olympic Athlete needs to be focused and have the concentration level needed to reach for the Gold.   Pattie has the ability to assist in the athlete's  future in all that they compete. To get that competitive edge and keep throughout their performance.

The Olympic hopefuls are pushed to all levels of exhaustion, using their strength, flexibility, endurance, and beyond their limits. It can get to be physically painful and mental exhausting this is when Mental Sports Training can be useful to let the athlete reach beyond their potential.

Mental Sports Training can help them:                     

  • Gain Confidence   
  • Excel Performance   
  • Removes Obstacles   
  • Focus Clearly   
  • Increase Motivation   
  • Remove Hesitations   
  • Rid of Pre-competition Nerves   
  • Clear and release negative emotions   

Sports is All Mental by using the Mental Edge of Sports Mental Training the athlete can Enhance, Improve and see Positive results