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Mental Performance Skills Training  Products


Mental Performance Skills Training Injuries Products.

Enhance your career or your sport by using Mental Sports training CDs. Learn to use techniques to relax and be able to focus and concentrate on what you are wanting to achieve in your sport.

Accelerate Sports Injuries   

These Cd's is designed to help all athletes no matter what sport in assisting them to be able to get back in the game quicker and to heal the injury with the mind

SMT Options

Golf CD/MP3  

Golfing is all mental and mental training is what golf is all about. Capture the focus technique and you can learn how to overcome fear and tackle what you need to be successful on the green. Performance before and while your on the course and driving range. Learn to use visual techniques to help get what you want while golfing

Yips! No More...Whether it's GOLF or BASEBALL you can overcome it so easily with the mental image. Yips is just in your mind not in your technique. Customize a CD or come in for a session on on one and clear your thoughts.

Cheerleading CD/MP3

Yes, Cheer leading is a sport especially competitive cheer leading at college level and professional teams. Looking to have a edge over everyone else this cd can help you perform and compete at higher levels.

Baseball CD/MP3  

Baseball Performance for the athlete needing focus with self talk. Learn to use the mind to enhance your skills and overcome the restrictions you put on yourself.

Personalized Sessions Recorded on your CD - Customized to your Sports-

If you don't see your sport listed feel free to contact me Pattie Freeman BCHT,CI, MST


Basketball, Football, Hockey, la Cross, Racketball, Bowling, Tennis, no matter what your sport is Sports Hypnosis can help you NOW!