Pattie Freeman BCHT, MST, CI




Attention Injured Athletes

Mental Performance Skills Training can help you Accelerate your injuries to recovery and get you back on the field faster....

Don't let Sports injuries slow you down...

Pattie Freeman BCHT,CI, MST will assist you through a guided visualization session that has been used to help numerous athletes rapidly recover from injuries. It's common for athletes to lose their ability to heal quickly after multiple injuries. This will help the athlete prepare his mind and body to heal his injuries with the power of hypnosis.

Each injury can have a compounding effect, causing your immune system and natural healing process to slow down your recovery.

Just imagine healing your injury at a fast pace then normal. As you probably know, improper healing of your can decrease your ability to compete at the desired level.  Mental Performance Skills can give you a competitive advantage.

 Patricia Freeman, can assist you as a athlete through self talk and Mental Performance Skills Training


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