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Student Athlete~ 

Let Phoenix Sports Hypnosis show How To Prepare the student for Professional sports.....

  • Is your son or daughter being considered for a college scholarship?    
  • Do they need the scholarship to attend college?   
  • Do they need motivation or focusing?   
  • Are they lacking in their performance level?   

As a Parent, Did you know scholarship recruiting is highly competitive at this level in all sports. The athlete must be the ranked #1 in their sport and have a confidence level of a winner. The scholarships that are awarded is usually given by scouts that view the tapes taken at the games.  Sometimes as a parent and an athlete you are unaware of who these scouts are and what tapes they are viewing.

Just imagine, The student at their best at every game so every time the scout observes them it's the best he's ever seen of your son/daughter. The mental toughness, overcoming sports anxiety, success and peak performance levels can all be reached with Visualization skills and preparation of concentration and focus. All this can be achieved with  Mental Performance Skills Training.

Athletic Scholarships are limited for each sports and getting them are also limited at universities and colleges. Hypnosis can improve Your son/daughter and it can enhance their level of talent and skills to perform at any level at an accelerated pace from Junior college to Division 1. High School or college student athlete can benefit from sports hypnosis and help them prepare to further their sports advancement.

During the Junior and Senior the schools will be making their choices for their future teams. Let your son/daughter be the #1 on their list.

There is no excuses for performance level, they have the skills and the talent let me help them enhance them or their team and see the difference that can only benefit them in the long run.

Learn concentration, intensity, breathing, visualization, optimism, and emotional balance, and shut out doubt and anxiety for peak performance.

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