Pattie Freeman BCHT, MST, CI




The Edge--The Mental Side of Sports 


Paperback $19.99   

Hardcover $29.99    

Pattie Freeman is the author of "The Edge" this is about the athletes and teams that use mental training tools. The book has techniques and stories of many athletes that talk about their experience and the positive outcome of using mental sports training.

Success and positive results happen when a athlete takes the risk and starts to use not only their skills and talent but the mental ability to succeed.

Athletes claim that they never experience the zone and the feeling it brings. Many of them have but never really know what it is so it is hard for them to relate and be able to get the edge over their opponent.

Read about how these athletes have overcome fears, doubts, injuries and have moved on to be the MVP and be able to use the tools to excel.

You can preorder the book here by emailing Pattie purchasing the book online/locale bookstore or at office location.

 Just like Dr. Dani Santino on Necessary Roughness Pattie take care of her athletes with individual sessions as stated in the book.