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What is YIPS?

Yips is an action that happens when a athlete finds it difficult to perform under pressure.  For Golfers having a smooth putting stroke. Golfers are not the any ones that experience Yips Baseball Players, Hockey and Basketball athletes are known to have issues in their performance regarding Yips.

Usually, "the Yips" take the form of jerking the putt to one side and even jerking the putt to the other. It's usually a feeling for the golfer a nerve-tingling experience this is a feeling of a unease steady over the ball. When it comes to Baseball whether you are a pitcher, catcher or outfielder Yips can have the athlete struggle in their position and they find themselves defeated and frustrated for not performing at their highest level.

The yips is not considered a medical condition, of course, it is merely a nervous reaction to short putts, difficult pitches really it is more of a mental issue than physical

The term "YIPS" is believed to have been coined by Tommy Armour, who said  "Once you've had 'em, you've got 'em." 

Yips is so easy to label that you have it and embarrassing to admit you might actual suffer from it. Yips is something that easily can be dealt with and allow the mind to let go of the stress that comes along with it.

Yips are characterized basically by a loss of the finer motor skills forcing the sportsmen, sometimes to change their playing strategies. This brings performance anxiety and the athlete gets frustrated and fully of doubt.

Let Pattie help you as an athlete get back to your sport by letting go of their mental obstacles that you face.

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