Pattie Freeman BCHT, MST, CI





Everyone dreams of playing like Jordan! 

Realistically, you can play anyway you see yourself that you are but, When you place your foot on the court the inner you takes over- the inner power and strength you have as an athlete. Yes, Jordan might give you the motivation and dreams of being that athlete you truly dreamt of and now it's your mind and body that can take you there.

Staying positive in the zone- motivated and keeping your focus are a few tools that you learn with the use of Sports Mental Training.

Sports Illustrated had written about a college player using the method and finding he was playing unbelievable and unstoppable. That is his inner self ad pride wanting more each and every time. Doug Mcdermitt gets Hypnotized before each game to focus- motivate and gives him the reassurance that he is the Best on the court and when he plays he is and he shows it.

Basketball players and other athletes of all levels use Hypnosis/Visualization skills to help them to get to the place of relaxation and focus. No matter where they are at in their career this technique can help them endure and improve their performance each and every time they are on the floor.

Pattie Freeman is the expert to help the Basketball athlete get there. She works with grade school- high school- college and yes the Professionals as well. There is no limit of where you can go with mental training.  It's all up to you, Why not give yourself the chance you deserve stop holding yourself back and let it all go..


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