Pattie Freeman BCHT, MST, CI




Sports Mental Training can help Coaches understand just how inportant words play a important part when training athletes. Sometimes when working with a team it's difficult to get the message across.  Athletes deal with perfection and if  they don't reach their goals or perform at their highest potential they feel as if  they failed. 

In  the Past, Coaches had shared moments about how their team only listens to half of what is being said. After working with the coaches and the athletes they come together much stronger physically and mentally. Sometimes when the coaches instruct the athletes to do sometimes they simply are not connecting due to not being focused. The mind does selective thought process and if the person shows sign of stress or not  being in the moment no matter what is being done they will not be able to understand.

Coaches of all sports have contacted Pattie Freeman to come in to observe their team.  Helping then to get focused and confidence in every position. The mind needs consistency in thoughts and action. Sports Mental Training is just that, getting the athlete to get out of their way and be the best they can be with the help of positive self talk and getting in the zone.

If you are a coach and looking to get your team to be aware and focused or you might have an athlete needing help. Teams and Individual athletes can benefit from Pattie's expertise and knowledge of working with the athletic mind.

Feel free to call and set up a time to have a consult with Pattie or B00k a Presentation/Assembly for your Sports Department.