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No Matter What Style Of Dance

You Can Excel Your Dance Performance!

Dancers...You wonder why? You know they are athletes also. The time they spend practicing and their physical ability in performing at the greatest level in their field. Can lead to fatigue and even physical pain.

  • Do you find that as a dancer you are having difficulty remembering routines due to nerves or uncertainty? 
  • Do you have doubts or fears when there is a competition? 

It doesn't matter if you are competitive dancer or doing it for you to improve your self confidence. A dancer needs to be focused and needs to have their mind at a level where they can take their performance to the next level.

By using Hypnosis as a enhancement there will be no more...

  • Hesitations 
  • Doubts 
  • Blocks 
  • Self sabotage 
  • Fears 

As a dancer, you will become more confident and feel that you can overcome any difficulty that might come to you at practice or competition. Mental Conditioning is so important when it comes to performing. That's when using Mental Sports Training let's you use the power of your mind to succeed and keeping the positive attitude needed to become successful.

Peak Performance is not just for the athletes that are on sports teams but, also it is for individuals such as dancers from all levels and styles. It can help them become the best in their field and even exceed their potential. It gives you the ability to train stronger and reach levels of success above and beyond the dancers sights. You can have the edge without anyone realize what you are doing just by using Mental Sports Training.

Dancers are Ballroom, Tap, Ballet, Irish Dancer, Hip Hop, Country-western, Modern the list is endless. If you dance and you want results It can be done easily just by thinking it. The mind can show you the way in getting the best results.

The Subconscious Mind knows what to do and now you know how to access this when you are nervous and get positive results. 

Pattie Freeman CHT, MST works with hundreds of dancers from all genres and they have impoved and excelled to become stronger dancers.

Whether you are a sole dancer, duo or group Mental Sports Training can help all with positive visualization skills and the knowledge of releasing it when you need it.

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Pattie has worked with Dancers as far away as France, Australia and England by providing sessions by phone and also providing on location sessions for groups or dance students.