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EY Jr. visits mental trainer while in Phoenix

April, 16, 2014 
PHOENIX -- Eric Young Jr., at home this week while the Mets play the Arizona Diamondbacks, visited his other coach Monday: Pattie Freeman, a mental sports trainer and hypnotherapist.
"Baseball is a very mental game, and one of the few sports you're playing every day. So the biggest challenge is trying to keep your mind strong through that process," he told the Arizona Republic in a feature about sports mental training published Wednesday. "... I'm always training other parts of my body to get myself ready to play. A lot of times people forget the brain in that. I wanted to make sure we get everything covered from head to toe, including the brain."

While EY Jr. is open about the mental training, Freeman told the Republic other professional athletes enter her office through a back door.

"They think if people know they need help or want to have help, it's because they're not strong enough to do it on their own," Freeman told the newspaper. "The thing is, they can do it on their own. The weird thing is, they can do it without me. They just don't know how. That's what I'm trying to help with them. 'This is how you can access that mental ability to be the peak performer that you truly are inside.'

"I call it visualization and mental sports training. When they see that, they say, 'Oh, that's cool.'"