Pattie Freeman BCHT, MST, CI





Known as riding as horseback riding (english or western) There is different skills of riding such as driving, vaulters, hunters, jumpers, polo. barrel racing, horse racing, dressage the list can be endless. Any type of horse related to sports of horses includes rodeo and bull riding.

The rider and horse are partners and they connect to how you feel when you ride. When you as the rider is nervous or feel stressed they feel it and react. When doing Mental Sports Training with Pattie Freeman you will feel relaxed and calm and keeping your hands quiet while jumping giving the horse the cues they need to show their talent as their glide over the jumps. While you use the relaxation techniques while bull riding assures you that the tense moments can be dealt with so the bull and you can feel less stressed and the 8 second ride will happen more often.

No matter what you ride and for what sport Hypnosis can help you focus and reach your goals everytime you need to feel in control. Call for a free one on one consultation with Pattie and start to see success everytime you are in the saddle.

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