Pattie Freeman BCHT, MST, CI




Mental Mind Coach-

What is a Mental Mind Coach?

A Mental Mind Coach is someone that gives the athlete the tools needed to use in their everyday routines- practices and games. Mind training is simple once the athlete has the knowledge and the way to access their abilities to perform at their highest level. It's like having a coach in your pocket at all times. When you need it just access it.

By becoming a great athlete it just doesn't take talent or skill. You can have it all but if you don't work on the mind just like your body then you'll never experience the full potential of what you can do as an outstanding athlete that you truly are.

  • Did you ever experience the thrill and excitement of a great moment in your sport? 
  • Did you feel that non stop feeling of a Winner? 
  • Are you a perfectionist? 
  • Did you ever feel there is no stopping you? 

Why not feel that way all the time? You can by applying what Mental Mind Coach has for you.

Pattie Freeman is a Mental Sports Coach and has help hundreds of Professional as well as all ages of athletes to reach beyond their expectations in their sport.  She has help them overcome fear of defeat- injuries-doubt and themselves as self sabotage.

She has been called the "Dr. Dani Santino of Necessary Roughness" Because of her techniques of overcome fears and doubts with athletes.

If you are looking to excel in your sport more then ever and reach beyond your potential or just correct some methods in the way you think then contact Pattie for more information about what Mental Mind Coaching can do for you.


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